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IT’S SNOWING on the Isle of Wight!

traumatised eyes scaled

IT’S SNOWING on the Isle of Wight!

IT’S SNOWING on the Isle of Wight!

Oh, my goodness, we have REAL snow on our beautiful Isle of Wight or should we call it the Isle of WHITE now!

So exciting for us as we rarely get to enjoy the white stuff, I can imagine just how excited many of our ‘little people’ are here, I know how chuffed I was when I was a child and first saw my first snow many moons ago now.  Our walk with our crazy-fool-puppy-dog, Luke tonight will be extra fun so I had best get a move on as daylight is quickly fading and I need some light for a good aim of a snowball at my son Tom!

I keep peeping out of the window to check that it is still ‘really snowing’ and with much excitement, I can report IT IS YAY, and I find it is actually settling thick and fast with almost enough now for a snowman/woman or gender neutral snowperson (all welcome here) to be built in our little garden.

Right off to find Luke, I do hope he has gotten over his trauma of catching Mumma tucking her extra thick woolly vest into her huge ‘Bridget Jones’ earlier!  Poor fur-baby, there are just some things that can’t be ‘unseen’.

Happy evening to you all, stay warm and safe everyone!

Fiona, Kevin & Luke.

PS.  I’ve called today’s pic ‘traumatised eyes’ or do you think I am worrying about nothing?





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