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What a day on the Isle of WHITE!

What a day on the Isle of WHITE!

What a wonderfully exciting day for so many and what a difference a little bit of snow makes to everything!  Just when I thought our glorious Island couldn’t get any prettier it has!

I don’t know about you, I haven’t ventured out today (yet) but it has been delightful to see so many children (and grown-up children too) thoroughly enjoying themselves in the snow.  I don’t think I have ever seen such powdery snow before, quite tricky to roll into snowballs but a great ‘showering-explosion of a finale’ if you take the time!

Even at 50 years of age, the ‘big kid’ in me kept eagerly peaking out of our office window to see if it was snowing again and if not, just how much had melted away.  Glad to report that we have had a little more and not much has gone (YAY).  I suspect more rosy-cheek little ones (and not so little ones too) will enjoy more snowy-antics tomorrow and wonder just how much, if any, sleep will be had tonight!

Thank goodness it is the weekend so no threat of having to miss out on more ‘snowy fun’ because school is open!  As I child, I remember laying in bed with my fingers firmly crossed, anxiously waiting to hear on the radio that my school was closed. How many of us longed for those magical words!  Closure for me meant I could head out into our garden with my trusty best friend, my little sausage dog ‘Rusty’.  I don’t recall ever getting that lucky though and inevitably all traces of snow had vanished completely as I walked home from school that day! (BOO-HOO).

I have loved dogs all of my life and am a firm believer that they truly ‘save our souls’.  Our crazy-fool-puppy-dog Luke is spoiled and much to Kevin’s horror sleeps on my side of our bed.  Poor Kev it’s the dog hair he doesn’t like but I have told him to ‘feel free’ to sleep on the floor if he prefers!

Stay safe and warm everyone and have a wonderful weekend.

Fiona, Kevin & Luke.

PS.  Today’s pic – Luke, ‘Keeping his eyes firmly shut until pesky-Mumma is fully dressed’  Or am I getting paranoid?







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