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The Isle of Wight is an amazing place. It goes far beyond being just a place to visit for its beaches, though that is fair enough. There is a lot of history, mystery and things to explore and do. Here are 16 fantastic Isle of Wight facts. We are sure we have a few here even the regular visitors to the island might not know! Fun Facts in no Particular Order 1. The most haunted island on earth! If you love ghost stories and investigating haunted places this is definitely the island to come to visit! Despite its small size the Isle of Wight has had more sightings and hauntings than anywhere else on the planet! From all walks of history too, Roman soldiers marching, monks and grey ladies just to name a few. 2. It has the oldest pier in the UK. Ryde pier was made during Victorian times and is the oldest pier still in use in the UK. Great place to walk along. 3. Known once as Vectis. During the times long ago when the Romans came and occupied parts of Britain the island was called Vectis. You can actually find this name still in use in some places, despite the

Self-catering holidays can be anything you want them to be. It can be a way for a family to save a little money as they make their picnics and dinners, but you can also find luxurious apartments and cottages that offer this freedom too. Whatever your budget you can have a great Isle of Wight self-catering break on one the most beautiful islands. From cottages to lodges, apartments to caravans, there is a lot of choices all around the island. Whether you want family attractions, be close to the yachting, have a beach you can walk along, or want to explore the parks. You can have an unforgettable time. Enjoy your Freedom Enjoy a caravan park renting a great unit and having your own cooking facilities. You can go explore what produce and fresh fish the island has to offer, bring it back to the park and cook and eat together as a family. The children can play, or you could take a couple's walk only in the beautiful countryside or down to a beach. Or how about heading out after dinner to one of the fantastic Isle of Wight pubs for some local drinking! With self-catering options, you are not tied

It is time to discover or for some re-discover all there is to do on the amazing Isle of Wight. Every year it gets thousands of visitors from all over the world looking for a great vacation. From families, couples, beach lovers, boat lovers, nature lovers, dinosaur lovers and more, there are some great places to visit in the Isle of Wight. This is the island that inspired Lewis Carroll to write Alice in Wonderland after all! The island Queen Victoria lived on and died on. So let's take a look at 5 things to do when visiting the Isle of Wight, that you might not have done yet. Colwell Bay, Isle of Wight Colwell Bay, Isle of Wight is on the west of the island and is a fantastic picturesque beach with amazing views. It is easy to get to, and its calmer waters and gentle slope means it is a great beach to swim at. It is popular with families and has shops for ice creams, snacks and drinks and even inflatables and wet suits. Hire a deck chair and make a day of it and then finish up at the nearby pub or restaurants. The road to the beach leads off

As with many places all around the world, COVID 19 is having an impact on where we can travel, and the businesses we can support. The Isle of Wight is one such place. With restrictions on businesses opening, public gatherings, and the huge importance of social distancing this is understandable. But it does have an impact on businesses that rely on tourism to stay open, and on the animals in places like the Isle of Wight Zoo. Here is a look at what we can do to help out, and what we can check out on the Isle of Wight webcams. Isle of Wight Zoo Webcam The zoo is closed and has no idea when it can open again. But those animals still need caring for. Dedicated staff are making sure every animal at the zoo is still properly look after, but with no money coming in from your visits, funding is a problem, and without us, the animals could suffer. As a result the zoo has set up a 24 hour a day webcam for gorgeous and stunning Kumba and Vigo. Enjoy seeing them soaking up the sun or cuddled together inside with both inside and outside Isle of Wight webcams.

The Isle of Wight is a great place to head to any time of year. Tourists come from all over the world as well as from the UK itself. There are a lot of great choices when it comes to places to stay. All types, from hotels to cottages to bed and breakfasts and more. There are all kinds of budgets catered for too. Whether you need to stretch out the pennies or are splashing out, you can find it. Whether you prefer something modern and trendy, or traditional, sea-view or rural. That is part of the reason why people just keep going back, there is something else to see and do and somewhere else great to stay! For those of you looking for B&Bs Isle of Wight, we have five great options for you to think about! The Caledon Guest House We love the Caledon Guest House and it is perfect if you are looking to base yourselves in Cowes. It is beautiful and modern but has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The house dates from 1851 so if you want some character they certainly have it! It is 5 minutes from town, close to restaurants, pubs, the ferry, yacht haven, marinas

Global travel site Big 7 Travel has released it’s list of the 25 most charming small towns in the UK – and Shanklin has made the top 5!  From North to South, East to West, all the pretty islands and Northern Ireland, there’s endless picturesque and charming small towns in the UK. Quaint cobblestone streets, thatch cottages, seaside fishing villages and famous filming locations make up the list, with each town boasting its own unique charm. Shanklin on the Isle of Wight has been ranked the 5th most charming small town, beating the likes of Cushendun and Portrush in Northern Ireland, Crail in Fife and Hawshead in Cumbria. Rounding off the top of the list is Beddgelert in Snowdonia (4th), Polperro in Cornwall (3rd), Castle Combe in the Cotswolds (2nd) and Rye in Sussex (1st). The towns – classified by under population of 10,000 – were ranked based on their ‘charm factor’, which includes natural scenery, general friendliness of the community, food and drink scene, history or culture.

The Isle of Wight is a testimony to the rich, diverse and exciting history of Great Britain, as it has waned and waxed through the tides of time. Full of historical buildings and architecture, breathtaking natural views and pristine beaches, the Isle of Wight has always enjoyed a rather prominent role in the geographical and social culture of Great Britain.   Nowadays, the isle has become a popular tourist attraction among domestic and international travellers. Whether you want to experience the historical sites and heritage or are looking for an educational fun filled vacation resort for your family, the isle has a lot to offer. In this review, we’ll list some of the most popular family and kid-friendly attractions you can experience at the Isle of Wight. Isle of Wight Zoo The Isle of Wight Zoo is the perfect location for an educational visit with your family. Not only will the animal exhibits greatly fascinate children of all ages, it is also a good way to teach children about natural conservation and environmental protection, as the Isle of Wight boasts one of the most well-preserved and protected ecosystem biospheres across the globe. Take this opportunity to introduce your family to the concept of animal

As it looks like the weather is misbehaving this half-term week, you may be on the lookout for indoor activities. One ideal venue is Holliers Park, home to The House of Chilli (open Tues to Sun) where you can learn fascinating facts about chillies, buy everything from a chilli pen, chilli chocolate, jams, chutneys and even chilli beer and vodka. Then you can pop next door and browse through a large collection of antique and upcycled furniture, pictures and quite a few interesting oddities. Next door again is Island Originals, the island’s largest collective of artisans making everything from Steam Punk outfits to jewellery, paintings, signs (some quite risqué J), and on Tuesday the18th there is a pom-pom workshop for ages 6+ (£12) from 2-3.30 pm run by The Wool Shack. If that wasn’t enough there is even the Bus Stop Café serving exactly what you would expect in a double-decker bus (J) including light lunches and ‘wickedly good cakes’ and there is even a possibility of spotting the islands famous red squirrels so keep your eyes peeled! Everyone is very friendly, dogs are welcome, parking is free. For more information Facebook page Island Originals Holliers park or tel 01983 864449 and

There really is no such thing as an adult, I know this because my photographer and I spent a very happy time at Suricata Lodge (the Latin name for meerkat) giggling whilst being smothered by these small furry creatures who were far more interested in the tasty worms the keepers were scattering than us. We had to keep our fingers hidden in case they mistook them for large worms. They move so quickly, en masse, and are full of boundless energy. The ‘meerkat experience’ is one of several that can be purchased for a closer / behind the scenes animal encounter at the home of the Wildheart Trust (Isle of Wight Zoo) and is certainly a place for all the family. There is a daily schedule which includes big cat feeding and the staff are extremely knowledgeable very happy to answer questions and share their expertise. Enjoy giant 50cm long rabbits, several species of monkey, lions, tigers, wallabies and even a few less exotic, but equally fascinating animals like guinea pigs, goats (who doesn't love a goat!) and tortoises.   The big cats have all been rescued from circuses, would not survive in the wild and are now safe, in their forever home,

Out of the many reasons to visit the beautiful Isle of Wight, a year-long list of events is a major one. With a mix of country fairs, never-ending entertainment options, delicious cuisines, colours, festivities and activity-packed beaches, the island is a perfect spot for holidays and an exciting treat for the happy feet. If you are planning your trip and wondering what to catchup to, worry no more. We have gathered a list of the best Isle of Wight events you must attend in 2020. #1. Isle of Wight Festival The most awaited, Isle of Wight Festival is set to commence yet again on the 11th of June, Thursday. The art and music fest will last for five days until 15th June, 2020, Monday. It features legendary artists from around the world, lots of food and activities. Last year, around 59,000 attendees enjoyed the big festival on the island and this year it might get even bigger. #2. Frosty Fun with Elsa and Anna All the frozen fans prepare for the meet and greet event with your favourite snow sisters, Elsa and Anna who will come with an activity-packed day of games and songs. The event will be held on January 26, Sunday at