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Lion, Tiger & Lynx Webcams

Isle of Wight Animal Sanctuary Webcams at The Wildheart Animal Sanctuary 

Kumba & Vigo Internal Webcam

Kumba & Vigo External Webcam

Softi & Toph Enclosure Webcam 1

Webcam donated to Wildheart Animal Sanctuary by isleofwight.com 

Softi & Toph Enclosure Webcam 2

Webcam donated to Wildheart Animal Sanctuary by isleofwight.com 

Casper & Frosty Webcam

Tiger Platform

Did you know?

Zoppa carries a noticeable limp on her front leg. Many of our animals carry physical or emotional scars from their previous life, but rest assured she is in very good hands. Her injury is a permanent disability but she has adapted to it and lives a very good life.

Lynx Habitat External Webcam 1

Lynx Habitat External Webcam 2

You can watch Kumba, Vigo, Casper and Frosty the lions, Daenerys, Nymeria and Tyrion the Lynxes and Natasha and Zoppa the tigers at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary in Sandown, formally known as the Isle of Wight Zoo, 24 hours a day! Whether they are snuggled up in their beautiful inside quarters or playing in the sun with one another all the action is being “fed” to you, live!

Previously forced to perform in a circus, the two six-year-old brothers, Vigo and Kumba, were rescued by Animal Advocacy and Protection in Spain. They joined the Wildheart Trust in February 2019 and since then the team have been working hard to provide them with purpose-built accommodation to suit their very specific needs.

Daenerys, Nymeria and Tyrion the 3 Lynxes are lurking in there somewhere, see if you can spot them in their extensive outside habitat. These cameras are mounted at the opposite ends of the same enclosure to help you keep track of the Lynx in their habitat.

Willmott Dixon managing director for the south Richard Poulter explains:

“Each year our people volunteer for a major project that brings real value to a community. When we heard about the sanctuaries plans, we wanted to donate our skills and time to design and build a new home for Vigo and Kumba, which was also supported by time and materials from our supply chain.

“We are delighted that our efforts have significantly reduced the cost of the overall relocation project for the sanctuary. Seeing Vigo and Kumba enjoying their new home is a real treat for our team and we’re proud to be able to help them live out their days in comfort at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary”

The two lions moved into their specially built home that includes a heated sleeping area and reinforced full-height windows that allow the public incredibly close-up views when the lions are not enjoying the outdoors in January 2020. And they have loved every aspect of it!

Watch them now as they roam and play, sleep and roar!

Note: The animals may not be viewable at all times due to being out of shot of the camera… They need some privacy too! Please do not worry if you cannot see them.

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