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Tipsy Wight

  Whilst I normally use fresh produce as the highlight ingredient for the isleofwight.com flavours blog, this time I’ve taken a slightly different route. My partner first discovered Medham Farm when she was searching for some local honey to improve her hay fever symptoms. We soon realised that the owners of the farm; Ruth and Michael not only produced Medham Farm Honey, but were also the creators of Tipsy Wight, specialising in a range of flavoured vodka and vodka liqueur.     Medham Farm estate is made up of acres of fields, woodlands and hedgerows, so naturally there is an abundance of produce, ranging from

al fresco blog

The best al fresco Isle of Wight restaurants you need to try

Now that the days are finally lighter and longer, and the weather is starting to get warmer, lots of holidaymakers here on the Island are wanting to enjoy their lunch or dinner alfresco. There really is nothing better than having a meal outside a restaurant on a beautiful summers day and it is no surprise that many who are planning on visiting the Isle of Wight during the warmer months will be looking for restaurants that offer outdoor dining. Thankfully, you will have plenty of amazing restaurants to choose from here on the Island if you’d prefer to sit outside and

Tomato stall blog

The Tomato Stall

          The Isle of Wight has become famous for an abundance of fresh produce over the years, perhaps thanks to the warmer climate, business opportunities or the rolling countryside and seas. Even if you don’t live on the Island and you have not yet been, it is likely you will have tried or at least seen The Tomato Stall tomatoes. Back in 2007 MD Paul Thomas and co-founder Jeff Macdonald (now of IW Mushrooms) made the bold move to take their freshly picked tomatoes to the London markets. The markets were, at the time, relatively new to London and the stall holders

Cowes milk blog

Crockers Farm – Cowes Milk

        Cowes Milk is run by the Bradley family - parents Paul and Mary and their four children Julie, Rose, Jack and Lucy, supported by son in law Martin and local lad Cain.     Paul and Mary started the dairy back in 1981 with the purchase of 18 cows all milked in the stable. In the same year the couple expanded to build the milking parlour and their cow numbers grew to 60!  In 1995 the herd were awarded pedigree status which gave the family immense pride as well as great successes in the Royal Isle of Wight County Show and the New


Grazed Knee Cider

    The first time I heard about Grazed Knee Cider was when I saw an advert on Facebook. They were ‘a-peeling’ to Isle of Wight residents for local apples to make their cider which they would happily swap for fresh apple juice. I thought it was a fantastic idea and sums up the Island community life or at least what I hope it will be one day - “have you got too many apples to know what to do with? I’ll take them and juice them for you, keeping a few for myself”. The Isle of Wight needs to be a

tea blog

Island Roasted Artisan Coffee from the Isle of Wight

Before I sat down to write this article, I made myself a coffee with Island Roasted ‘Mocha Blend Espresso’ beans. Our cat Aslan, sat annoyingly on top of everything as cats do but he gets away with it. Cat and coffee alongside, I was ready to write.     Possibly the most popular way to start every morning – with a cup of tea or coffee. For me it is always coffee and if I’m running late I may skip some steps in my routine but never the coffee! Though the varieties may vary, tea and coffee are staples around the world, with

cafe blog

Cute Isle of Wight Cafes For Tea And Cake

It is fair to say that one of the best things about staying in self-catering accommodation for your holiday to the Isle of Wight is that you get to enjoy all of the local restaurants, pubs and cafes during your trip. If you have ever been to the Island before then you will know that there are some incredible places to eat here and arguably, we have some of the best eating establishments on the south coast. Finding somewhere to enjoy a three-course meal in the evening tends to be quite easy on the Isle of Wight, but you need to

Goats cheese BLOG

The Green Barn – Isle of Wight Dairy Goats

  My first experience of goat’s milk was when I was camping with my Dad at about 8 years old in the Yorkshire Dales. We stayed in a field adjacent to a farmhouse and in the morning were invited to help milk the goats. As an 8 year old, this was extremely novel, so obviously I leapt at the chance! We had the milk on our cereal, which is, in my opinion the perfect way to have fresh milk. Even then I could recognise the difference to cow’s milk – creamy and rich. I loved the experience of it all and

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Isle of Wight Deer Farm

    Their tagline ‘natural farming for all to enjoy’ sums up Juan and Begonya’s philosophy beautifully. As we arrived at the Deer Farm in Carisbrooke we were amazed by the stunning grounds in front of us. We turned into the drive from the road and the hedge cleared, revealing green lawns and natural beauty with substantial dwellings in the backdrop. This really wasn’t what we were expecting; it seemed more like a country park or manor house than a farm.   The view of the farm as we entered the grounds   We parked up near the house and had a little look around to see


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