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It’s a chilly one here today!

It’s a chilly one here today!

Having woken up to a frost which was so heavy first thing this morning, even our crazy-fool-puppy-dog Luke rushed straight back in from the garden, none of his usual frantic border patrol or warning barks (bless his heart, he does love to protect his ‘pesky humans’) but rather he opted for a very quick loo break and then headed straight back inside our toasty cottage.  Most unusually I haven’t seen him since!  Every morning he is right by our side as Kevin and I sit in our office because Luke likes to be ready and waiting for ‘tea break time’ because he knows that also means ‘scooby-snack’ time for him!

I am glad to report it is now a lovely and bright sunny day here on our glorious Island and despite the best efforts of the dreaded Beast from East, it is still a wonderful place to be.  Such a pretty time of year with Spring flowers making their much-anticipated appearances dotted throughout our beautiful countryside.

With our hectic and at times seemingly ridiculously busy lives, it does us all good to just to stop for a moment and enjoy what we are lucky enough to have around us, doesn’t it?  Right, I’m off to find Luke, I wonder where he could be?

Have a great day everyone.

Fiona, Kevin & Luke

PS.  The photograph is where I found Luke – ON OUR BED, does he look guilty to you or am I just being a mean mumma (pesky human)?




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