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Snowy Saturday…just!

Luke headshot

Snowy Saturday…just!

My first eager peek out of the window this morning to check for more snow, I have to admit left me slightly heavy hearted.  So much has melted away now revealing the previously well-hidden rooftops and roads… way too much normality is returning!

Kev has headed out to his appointments with extra zest, almost ridiculously glad to be relieved of his ‘one-day inside caused cabin fever’  it is strange isn’t it, there is such a difference when we feel that choice is removed from our daily lives.

It appears that Kev isn’t the only one suffering, our crazy-fool-puppy-dog, Luke is very hyped up too and of course, as Dad prepared to leave, Luke’s hopes of escapism reached fever pitch.  His little face when his pesky human Dad dared to leave the house without him fair old tugged at my heartstrings, so a nice long walk is scheduled for this afternoon.

I often think how different the world we live in would be if we applied more ‘dog logic’ to our outlook on life,  and agree whole-heartedly with the wonderful super vet Professor Noel Fitzpatrick.

The love we feel for our pets is incredibly special, but, after two decades working with animals, I believe that it pales in comparison to the love they have for us.

If we could learn more from them, the world would be a happier place. For, as humans, we know what unconditional love is, but we are not capable of it.

Animals are. Unlike us, they are not governed by their moods, or what happened yesterday.

They’re not judgemental or vindictive. unless they have experience cruelty, they live in the moment, approaching every encounter as a new opportunity to share their love. That is why some of the most vulnerable people often form the strongest bonds with their pets because they are more open to that unconditional love.

I’ve seen a child with cerebral palsy whose dog soothed her to sleep, and a man with terminal cancer who died with dignity because of the strength he drew from his dog. It’s a symbiotic relationship: we express our love looking after them, they express theirs in the comfort they give us.

And it works. When our pets greet us, no matter how terrible our day, their delight in seeing us makes us feel better. When other relationships falter, their affection is guaranteed.

This week, I reunited a woman with her dog after 6 weeks apart. Nobody seeing the dog’s tail wagging and her tears of joy could doubt that they loved each other.

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick.

Well, I can smell that our roast chicken is ready so best sign off now, and no doubt Luke’s nose will be twitching and I will be accompanied into the kitchen!

Happy, safe and warm Saturday everyone.

Fiona, Kevin and Luke.

Today’s pic – ‘Hey pesky human, didn’t you forget someone?’







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