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What have you got planned for this weekend?  I plan to take my (much loved and spoiled rotten puppy-dog) Luke for a lovely countryside walk, probably along Newtown but then again I might opt for a slow walk, way up to the ‘Pepper Pot’, which is well worth the effort (I’m a smoker) because the view from the top is absolutely stunning.

I was lucky enough to be born on our glorious Island and having spent the last ten years living in sunny Spain, have now returned.  It is funny, but as a child, I didn’t really appreciate just how beautiful our Island is, I suppose like most children, I was too busy just being happy and just supposed that our seemingly endless, rolling green hills and fields, filled with happy cows chewing on their cud was the norm for everyone.  Funnily enough, the aforementioned was what I missed so much whilst living in Spain, yes it was great to have near endless sunshine and the occasional burst of warm, quickly fading rain but I did miss the green fields and happy cows!

Since my return, I feel so lucky to have all that the Island has to offer right here on my doorstep.  If you have never ventured to our shores try to rectify that as I am sure our Island will enchant you too.  Despite its tiny size, there is lots to do and see, all neatly packed, so nowhere is too far to travel once you are here.  So depending on your chosen season to visit, pack up your wellies or buckets, spades and crab-lines (smoked bacon bait is the best) and head on over soon, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.  Wishing you all a lovely weekend.






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