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Beginners Guide To Isle of Wight Hotels

Broadway Park Hotel Sandown Isle of Wight

Beginners Guide To Isle of Wight Hotels

Whilst there are so many different accommodation options available on the Isle of Wight and you can stay in a range of unique locations, for many, when organising their trip, they will want to find a hotel to stay in. Often, when wanting a relaxing trip with leisurely lay-ins and room service, there is no better option than a hotel and, for this reason, they will be the first choice for some people who are visiting the Isle of Wight.

When using the internet to find hotels on the Isle of Wight for your holiday, you will be met by thousands of results and it is fair to say that it can be quite overwhelming. There are probably around 100 amazing hotels on the island, not including B&Bs, and choosing between them isn’t an easy task, especially if you’re not even sure where to start. So, to help anyone trying to book an Isle of Wight hotel, below is a handy guide which may be able to assist you.


Big chain hotels

Many automatically search for big chain hotels when wanting to book accommodation, but there aren’t many here on the island. This isn’t a bad thing as many of the independent hotels are flawless, so you can still find somewhere amazing to stay. If you do want to stay in a big chain hotel, then you can choose from;

There are two of each of these hotels on the island, so you can find the best location for you.


Independent hotels

When looking for an independent Isle of Wight hotel, you really will be spoilt for choice. The best way to narrow down this vast range is to decide which town you’d like to stay in, if you’d like a sea view and if you have any additional requirements.

You may find it beneficial to look at the reviews of the hotels you’re interested in, these can help you to ensure you’re choosing the very best place. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone either, speaking to someone at these independent hotels can help you to decide too.


Hotels with characters

Many are drawn to the Isle of Wight because Queen Victoria built Osborne House as a holiday home here and when you’re interested in the history of the island, you may want to stay somewhere with a bit more character. There are hotels that have beautiful original features still and if this interests you, take a look at;

All of these Isle of Wight hotels are picturesque from the outside and inviting on the inside, so any of them would be a brilliant choice.


Luxury hotels

Sometimes, you may want something slightly more luxurious and there are many hotels with brilliant star ratings on the island. Whether you’d like to stay somewhere with spa facilities or you just want to book a room that you know will be exemplary, here are a few different hotels that you should consider;

Just from looking at the images of these hotels you will get a feel for the luxurious vibe that they provide when you stay there.


Family hotels

If you’re trying to book somewhere that your children will love too, thankfully there are lots of family-friendly hotels here on the island. So, whilst you’re not out and about exploring the many incredible sites of the Isle of Wight, you can trust that your little ones won’t be bored if you choose to stay at any of the following;

With lots of brilliant facilities at all of these hotels, you can guarantee that they will be a great choice for anyone who is booking a family holiday.


Booking an Isle of Wight hotel

Hopefully, the guide above will be helpful when you’re booking the accommodation for your Isle of Wight holiday. It goes without saying that there are lots of amazing options to choose from, so no matter what your needs and requirements may be, you can guarantee that you will be able to find something that perfectly meets them. Of course, if you ever need assistance choosing the right Isle of Wight hotel, our team is here to help you.

On our website, you will find everything you need for your holiday to the Isle of Wight, from accommodation and places to eat to things to do and ferry travel guides, so you can easily pre-plan your whole trip. There is also lots of helpful information and visitors guides that may be beneficial to you as well, so feel free to browse our site today.


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