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Top Foods you Must Try when you Visit the Isle of Wight!

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Top Foods you Must Try when you Visit the Isle of Wight!

While there are a lot of adventures to be had, things to look at and places to explore on the Isle of Wight, it is also a great place to visit for the food you find there. As well as some of the best fish and chips you will find, there is some amazing local produce and some great local delicacies you really must try! Here we have put just 5 of our recommendations, black garlic, Gallybagger cheese, honeycomb doughnuts, amazing tomatoes and their famous crab pastry!

Black garlic

Garlic is a big deal on the island, there is the famous Garlic Farm in Newchurch and there is an annual garlic festival even. There are lots of varieties grown and black garlic is created by cooking garlic bulbs for a long time at a low temperature. In the end, the cloves are black, syrupy and sweet and have tamarind and balsamic vinegar background taste. You can have them served with savoury foods on the island but you can also find them as part of an ice-cream sundae! Yes, it sounds a bit crazy, and surely only a garlic lover would appreciate it, but actually, you have got to try it. The layers of brownie, chocolate and ice-cream with the garlic are unique and wonderful!

Gallybagger cheese and the wonderful Gallybagger cheese souffle

Gallybagger is a local cheese that is aged for 4 to 5 months on the island on Lawson Cypress shelves, the wood is locally sourced also. It is a cheddar like cheese and the cypress is a part of the cheese’s rind and its flavour. It is made by Richard Hodgson who also makes three other local Isle of Wight cheeses. If you enjoy a great souffle, check out the Royal Hotel in Ventnor where they have a twice-baked Gallybagger cheese souffle that has developed quite a fan base.

Honeycomb doughnuts

The honey produced on the island continues to be made much as it was back when the monasteries collected it. While honeycomb is a popular food found along the coast on the Isle of Wight you can take the next step in doughnut and honeycomb deliciousness by seeing the two combined. It tastes amazing, is light in texture but with a crunch and then a salty honeycomb flavoured cream filling. They are found in several places on the island supplied by Island Bakers, and at their own cafe and shop in Newport.

The best tomatoes

The island is the sunniest place in the UK and this means islanders are able to grow tomatoes very successfully, and a lot of different varieties too. You can see lots of tomatoes in rows of glass greenhouses in Arreton Valley. Many get sent all over the UK but you can also enjoy them on the island, either buy some from a local market and do some cooking in your self-catering accommodation or check out all the restaurants.

Crab pasties

We must all thank Jim and Mandy Wheeler for the brilliant idea of taking the wonderful crab meat the fishermen bring in and putting it in a pasty. It tastes great, it is perfect for a picnic lunch on one of the lovely beaches or as part of a pub lunch. It once used shortcrust pastry but now uses flaky puff pastry. Both are a treat, but that puff pastry really is yummy!


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