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Softi & Toph’s webcams at The Wildheart Sanctuary

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Softi & Toph’s webcams at The Wildheart Sanctuary

Isleofwight.com has donated two new webcams to The Wildheart Sanctuary.

We are proud to have donated two new live webcams to The Wildheart Animal Sanctuary. Softi and Toph arrived at the Sanctuary earlier this year after a difficult start to life. The Sanctuary have worked tirelessly to build a beautiful enclosure and forever home for the two tigers, and now they can be monitored 24/7 enjoying life in their new home.

Softi and Toph Wildheart Sanctuary

Softi and Toph’s story

You may remember stories about Softi and Toph’s arrival and rescue, earlier this year. Softi and Toph were discovered in a horse box loaded with 8 other tigers. They were destined for a ‘zoo’ in Russia, but were thankfully intercepted on the way. All of the tigers were found in small cages; starving, dehydrated and covered in their own excrement. One of the tigers had unfortunately died in her cage. After days of confusion and investigation, all of the tigers, including Softi and Toph, were seized under Polish law and taken to safety.

Life at The Wildheart Sanctuary

Softi and Toph arrived at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary on the Isle of Wight in late April 2023. Here they will have a life of rehabilitation and protection, being adored by their carers and all of us who love to visit the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary provides a home for many animals in need, and they are passionate about Softi and Toph being given the best chance to thrive here on the Isle of Wight.

Softi and Toph have already started to get comfortable in their home here, and their personalities are shining through. Softi is quite shy; she is usually hidden between the trees and bushes. Toph has come out of her shell a bit more, greeting her carers and visitors with a ‘chuff’, and enjoying water play. We can’t wait to see these two brighten up the Sanctuary with their adorable characters.

How can we help?

The Wildheart Animal Sanctuary is a charity and therefore reliant on visitors; all funds go towards securing the future of animals who have not had the easiest or best start to life.

We were touched by the story of Softi and Toph, and when we heard they were arriving to the Island we wanted a way to help and support the Sanctuary. By donating two webcams to their purpose built enclosure at the Sanctuary, we are giving visitors a chance to see the tigers in their home, enjoying Island life and happily settling in to their new surroundings.


If you’d like to learn more about The Wildheart Sanctuary, visit their website here.

 View webcams here

Toph Wildheart Sanctuary

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