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Rescued Tigers arriving at Wildheart Animal Sanctuary!

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Rescued Tigers arriving at Wildheart Animal Sanctuary!

There has been a lot of exciting stuff going on at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary over the past few months as we prepare for the arrival of two rescued Tigers, Softi and Toph who are due to arrive end of April 2023.

Softi and Toph have had a tragic start to life, they were discovered in a horse box loaded with 8 other tigers destined for a ‘zoo’ in Dagestan in Russia. An issue with the paperwork made border officials at the Polish/Belarussian border suspicious, and as a result the transporter was intercepted. On closer inspection, the tigers were discovered in small cages in appalling conditions, starving, dehydrated, and covered in their own excrement. One of the tigers had sadly succumbed to the conditions and was discovered dead in her cage. After an arduous 46-hour journey from a suspected circus HQ just outside Rome and 6 days of confusion at the border, vets from a zoo in Poznań, were finally able to intervene, and the remaining 9 tigers were seized under Polish law and taken to safety.




This April, Softi and Toph, two of these rescued tigers, will be arriving at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary, in Sandown Bay, where their rehabilitation journey will continue. This is the final and most crucial part of their journey – to provide a wonderful forever home! With our incredible team of animal carers and staff we will continue to rehabilitate these beautiful creatures, and to ensure that they live out their lives in peace, learning how to be tigers again.

The Sanctuary provides a home for many animals in need, ensuring they thrive at our sanctuary by the sea, rehabilitating and forgetting their previous trauma. They become ambassadors for change, shining a spotlight on the terrible practices and giving a voice to those that have none.


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As a charity the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary is totally reliant on visitors to our Sanctuary at Sandown. All the funds go to secure the future for all these animals that have not had the best start in life.

Make sure you visit, there is so much to see, and of course, come and join them as they welcome Softi and Toph into their hearts and into their home.


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