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Top 5 Family Attractions on the Isle of Wight

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Top 5 Family Attractions on the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a testimony to the rich, diverse and exciting history of Great Britain, as it has waned and waxed through the tides of time. Full of historical buildings and architecture, breathtaking natural views and pristine beaches, the Isle of Wight has always enjoyed a rather prominent role in the geographical and social culture of Great Britain.


Nowadays, the isle has become a popular tourist attraction among domestic and international travellers. Whether you want to experience the historical sites and heritage or are looking for an educational fun filled vacation resort for your family, the isle has a lot to offer. In this review, we’ll list some of the most popular family and kid-friendly attractions you can experience at the Isle of Wight.

Isle of Wight Zoo

The Isle of Wight Zoo is the perfect location for an educational visit with your family. Not only will the animal exhibits greatly fascinate children of all ages, it is also a good way to teach children about natural conservation and environmental protection, as the Isle of Wight boasts one of the most well-preserved and protected ecosystem biospheres across the globe. Take this opportunity to introduce your family to the concept of animal protection and responsible use of nature.


Other such animal exhibits worth mentioning on the Isle of Wight include the Amazon World Zoo Park, Dinosaur Isle and Monkey Haven.


Blackgang Chine

Blackgang Chine is usually the first stop for visiting tourists and travellers coming to the Isle. It boasts the oldest amusement park in the United Kingdom and offers a wide variety of variously themed attractions, rides and connected parks for the amusement of adults and children alike. So named after a now disappeared chine, the resort lies on the southern edge of the island overlooking the English Channel and provides breathtaking views of the beach.


Robin Hill

Rolling hills and idyllic plains, is there a better way to describe the English countryside? The Robin Hill resort is a favourite amongst visitors for its natural beauty and scenic views along with the themed rides and attractions offered at the resort. Having received a number of awards for its excellent tourist outlook, the resort hosts regular family events and educational activities related the history of the Isle.


Isle of Wight Steam Railway Line

Children always hold a strange fascination towards trains. A good way to reward this curiosity is by taking your family on a round trip of the countryside on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway Line. The railway is a heritage site that passes through 5 miles of the countryside and features an outdoor museum displaying legacy trains and locomotives. The visit is sure to garner the fascination and imagination of your children as they learn about the importance of the railway lines in the past and create their own imaginary adventures on the railway lines.


Osborne House

Any visit to the Isle of Wight would be incomplete without visiting the famous Osborne House, Queen Victoria’s much loved and cherished summer residence. A walk around the grounds of the residence will fill your family with regal pride and adoration for the rich history of the Isle of Wight and Great Britain itself. Designed by Prince Albert himself, the place offers educational visits through the residence and grounds and also brings affordable family friendly restaurants near the premises.

For a fulfilling, fun-filled, learning experience for you and your family, make the Isle of Wight your next weekend destination or plan a long relaxing vacation at the many wonderful resorts that the Isle of Wight has to offer for a chance to take in and enjoy the history, culture and scenic natural beauty of this wonderful gem of the British Crown.


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