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Check Out Our Favourite Island on their Webcam Streams!

Isle of Wight Webcam Streams

Check Out Our Favourite Island on their Webcam Streams!

As with many places all around the world, COVID 19 is having an impact on where we can travel, and the businesses we can support. The Isle of Wight is one such place. With restrictions on businesses opening, public gatherings, and the huge importance of social distancing this is understandable. But it does have an impact on businesses that rely on tourism to stay open, and on the animals in places like the Isle of Wight Zoo. Here is a look at what we can do to help out, and what we can check out on the Isle of Wight webcams.

Isle of Wight Zoo, Sandown | Explore the Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight Zoo Webcam

The zoo is closed and has no idea when it can open again. But those animals still need caring for. Dedicated staff are making sure every animal at the zoo is still properly look after, but with no money coming in from your visits, funding is a problem, and without us, the animals could suffer. As a result the zoo has set up a 24 hour a day webcam for gorgeous and stunning Kumba and Vigo. Enjoy seeing them soaking up the sun or cuddled together inside with both inside and outside Isle of Wight webcams. Donate what you can to the zoo as you enjoy the feed so the zoo can make sure everyone stays healthy and happy! In the zoo’s official statement they say,


“Help us ensure that all our animals are cared for during Covid-19.
“These extraordinary times are threatening our cherished sanctuary. Like many smaller seasonally sensitive wildlife sanctuaries we’re highly dependant on our visitation income to enable us to pay for our overheads and fund our charitable work. An unprecedented wet February and now the COVID -19 pandemic are putting us under enormous financial stress. Our aim is to raise funds to survive the Covid-19 pandemic thereby ensuring the care of our animals and enabling future rescue missions…”

All we need do to help is click on the donate button and give any amount we can afford.

Isle of Wight Webcams – Beyond the Zoo!

If we can take a look at our favourite zoo on the island where else can we take a peak? Quite a few places it turns out! Whether you just want to reminisce about somewhere, see what the locals are up to, look at how busy it is or you have some other reason to be nosy, here are some other places you can find streaming webcams on the Isle of Wight!

Ryde Beach

Beaches and Coastal Webcam Streaming

Ryde Beach

Check out one of your favourite beaches, look at the amazing views and have a chance to watch a sunset or sunrise from your home in one of your happy places.

Freshwater Bay

Watch the waves crash on the sand, imagine yourself walking along the beach, sandals in your hand, sand in your toes, breathing in the fresh sea air!

The Montpelier Hotel, Sandown

Check out the weather, see the street outside the hotel as well as the beach and coastline at the end of it. Sandown beach is one of the most popular spots on the Isle of Wight so get a look and start planning your next trip away!

Sea View Yacht Club

Webcams Streams from Various Sailing Clubs on the Island

Island Sailing Club

The ISC began in 1889 so it has been around for a long time! It is also proud to boast it was one of the first clubs to also accept women as members and it runs the Round the Island Race. Enjoy the view and explore the different sailing craft moored here.

Seaview Yacht Club

Another great sailing club on the Isle of Wight is the Sea View Yacht Club which began in 1893. Enjoy the views it webcam shows looking out to sea. When the time comes to visit the Isle of Wight again you could go check out their fleet of Mermaids (keelboats not actual mermaids) and charter one!

Other fun Isle of Wight Webcams

Cowes Chain Ferry (Floating Bridge)

Operated by the Isle of Wight Council this webcam gives you a chance to watch the floating bridge as it carries essential workers, and locals back and forth. It is also a great way to look at when it is too busy and avoid the traffic!

Isle of Wight Steam Railway

Run by the Isle of Wight Steam Railway themselves which is based at Havenstreet station. You can see a lot of detail in the cam, the station buildings, platform, signal box, all of which come from the 1920s and then there is the water tower too.

Isle of Wight Pearl

An amazing place to visit for world quality pearls when you can get to the Isle of Wight again, but they also have a webcam that allows us to enjoy the amazing views the island has until we can head there. Looking out at the English Channel pretend you are sitting their cafe admiring your new pearl earrings!

We are doing our very bit to make the webcam streams fun and entertaining for the entire family. Just head over to live webcam now.

Luccumbe Hall
Luccumbe Manor
The Wight

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