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An Island in Terror!

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An Island in Terror!

If you go down to the woods today… you’re in for a spooky surprise and an unexpected workout! It’s the time of year again for pumpkin carving and sweet stocking, but if you are looking for something with a little more thrill, Terror Island has returned and are handing out extra tricks and a side of yummy treats!

We were lucky enough to attend this years press night and can assure you, Terror Island did not disappoint. With three mazes to visit, each playing on a different theme, along with plenty of added extras, this really is a test of the senses! From dark hidden corridors, tight tunnels and gory scents, there is plenty to petrify any willing visitors. Each maze differs from the last, but they all offer equal amounts of terror and chaos. Everything from the actors, sets, props and lighting has been thought through to the smallest detail… with the resulting impact being a merciless experience of confusion and adrenaline.

After a soaring ride above the park on the Cliff Hanger, we made our way to our first maze, Amphibious. We were almost enchanted by the themed rooms and ocean waters, but something lurks below… and the sudden realisation that we were not whading through these waters alone was enough to keep us moving quickly. The Blood Shed was our next destination, and the traumatising smell has stayed with us! But being chased through this maze by gory characters was a fantastic way to work up an appetite, which is when the evening turned temporarily from trick to treat.

Street food and local gin? Don’t mind if we do! The fresh flavours were a welcomed comfort as opposed to the horrors from within the mazes. But there was still one more to go.

Hexcavation; tight spaces and dark tunnels you say? What a fantastic idea with a belly full of comfort food and cocktails. Uh-oh! Perhaps we should have headed here before overloading ourselves on chilli and chips, but the stitches from crawling through this maze only enhanced our fear of being caught! Slightly claustrophobic, but still not one to be missed, we both agreed – this one was our favourite!

The screams from within the mazes are covered by a live band and a DJ, casting a spell over the visitors late into the night. The lawn area is surrounded as terrifying circus acts are performed – be careful not to get yourself volunteered for any stunts, and watch out for flying knives! Fortune Tellers and Tarot Card readings are also on offer, all adding up to enhance the incredible atmosphere.

This event is full of surprises, but the biggest surprise to us was booking our tickets to go back with our friends and family almost as soon as we left! If a rebooking isn’t a recommendation, I don’t know what is? We can’t wait to see what is in store for next year’s Terror Island, as this year certainly can’t be beat?

Tickets are available online for selected dates between 22nd – 31st October. For prices and info, visit terrorisland.co.uk. We’ll see you there, if you dare!



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