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A Complete Guide To The Isle of Wight Ferry Crossing

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A Complete Guide To The Isle of Wight Ferry Crossing

When arranging transport to a holiday destination, one of the first things that springs to mind is booking flights. The vast majority of the time when travelling across the English channel, or any other ocean/sea, many will opt to fly and it is often seen as the quickest way to get from one place to another. However, when visiting the Isle of Wight, it is important to note that there aren’t any commercial flights to the island, so you will need to look at getting a ferry instead.


Thankfully, it is incredibly easy to get to the Isle of Wight by ferry from England and even if you’re coming from further afield and will be flying into England, you shouldn’t have any problems making it to the island. Our team has put together a guide covering all of the basics and answering the most frequently asked questions for you.


Who are the Isle of Wight’s ferry travel providers?

There are three main ferry companies that you should look at when wanting to book your transport to the island;

  1. Wightlink
  2. Red Funnel
  3. Hovertravel


They all offer brilliant ferry services from the south coast of England to the north side of the Island. However, depending on your needs, one company may be better than another, we will look into this further below.


Where do you get the ferry to and from?

You can reach the Isle of Wight from Lymington, Southampton and Portsmouth. Where the ferry goes to will depend on which ferry company you use and where you leave from;

  • Leaving from Lymington – Wightlink has a ferry from Lymington to Yarmouth.
  • Leaving from Southampton – Red Funnel has a ferry from Southampton to East Cowes, West Cowes and Cowes.
  • Leaving from Portsmouth – Hovertravel has a ferry from Portsmouth to Ryde and Wightlink also has ferries from Portsmouth to Fishbourne and Ryde.


It is important to note that not all of these ferries accommodate all types of passengers and we will explain more about this below.


What type of passengers are there?

If you choose to travel with Wightlink or Red Funnel, you will be able to take cars, caravans, motor homes, bikes and also dogs onto most of their ferries. Whereas, Hovertravel is solely for foot passengers.

When booking your Isle of Wight ferry, it will be easy to see what crossings are available to you depending on the type of passenger you are.


How frequently do ferries make the crossing?

As you may expect, depending on who you’re crossing with and the route you’re taking, the frequency of the ferries will differ. However, generally speaking, they tend to run every hour, sometimes every half hour for foot passengers. It is easy to find accurate ferry timetables for each ferry travel provider’s website if you’d like a more specific answer to this question.


Does the crossing take a long time?

Thankfully, Isle of Wight ferries are much quicker than many assume, which is brilliant news for anyone who gets seasick. The quickest foot passengers ferry takes just 10 minutes and runs from Southsea in Portsmouth to Ryde. The quickest ferry for all other types of passengers takes around 40 minutes and runs from Lymington to Yarmouth.


Is it expensive to book an Isle of Wight ferry?

Travelling by ferry is also incredibly affordable. Prices can differ, especially depending on the season, but for a car, you can expect to pay around £100 – £150 for a return.

Foot passengers can expect to pay around £20 for a return all year round and there are also discounts available for group bookings, so this is worth looking into.


Arranging your Isle of Wight ferry crossing

Hopefully, you will now know a little bit more about getting to the Isle of Wight by ferry and the majority of your questions will be answered. It is so easy to get to the island via ferry and is much more convenient than many initially realise. Thankfully, with so many ferries coming from England to the island every day, you shouldn’t struggle to plan transport that fits in perfectly with your holiday plans.


If you do require any assistance organising your Isle of Wight ferry crossing or if you have any additional questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, they will happily assist you further in this regard. Whilst you’re on our site, why not have a browse to find out more about your transport options when on the island too? You will also find lots of helpful visitor guides that may be beneficial for you to read as well.


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