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The Needles are one of the Isle of Wight’s most iconic sights. These three white chalk stacks leading up to the Needles Lighthouse are the first thing that many people think of when they hear to words ‘Isle of Wight’. The Needles are more than just a beautiful sight. There’s plenty to do here, from the world-famous Needles Rocks to the Needles Old Battery and much more. Discover the outstanding landmarks and places of natural beauty that makes The Needles what they are today, well known for its multi-coloured sand cliffs and stunning coastal views.

The scope of attractions incorporates the breathtaking chairlift ride to the sea shore and the sandy beach. At the sand shop guests can make their own one of a kind shaded sand gift. Enjoy the experience of a 4D Cinema with the additional fun of feeling the activity as well! With 4D film you don’t simply watch the film you have a feeling that you are in that spot in it. Alum Bay Glass is instructive just as fun. Guests can watch the interesting specialty of glass blowing and see skilled workers make an assortment of created dishes. At the IW Sweet manufactory watch our talented sweet producers make desserts that you won’t find anyplace else, an example of the desserts is necessary! There is an assortment of youngsters’ attractions including a conventional Victorian merry go round, Spins and Needles Tea Cup ride and also the Games Kiosk which incorporates metal can back street and snare a duck. You even win a prize without fail!


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