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  1. Leave the National Trust car park by walking along the hedge to the left of the interpretation panel andbembridge down fortifications walk 8 parking meter (for non National Trust members) and go on up the sandy path by the green dog bin. Cross the grass and go on over the road, aiming for the boats in Bembridge Harbour. Bembridge Fort is on the skyline.
  2. Turn right when you reach the water’s edge and then follow the raised Causeway path between the lagoons and around buildings to Mill Quay. Take the first tarmac road on the right by Mill House. Go up the hill to the top, passing caravans on both sides.
  3. Bear right along the bottom edge of St Helens Green, which is claimed to be one of the largest village greens in England. Bear right again at the end, then carry straight on into Duver Road when the main road swings sharply left at a bend.
  4. Just before the traffic lights, turn right onto a path by an interpretation panel (signed R88 to the Duver) which leads past St Helens Common. This is the Gaggen Path, which gets its name from press gangs which used to hide here and then gag their victims. Go down the path to the end.
  5. Upon reaching the Duver crossing a wooden bridge, follow the path behind the interpretation panel round to the left and meander along to the Old Golf club building. Bear left behind the club house to meet the access road, then briefly left and right to reach the sea beside St Helens Old Church, where there are picnic benches.
  6. Follow the sea wall to the right. Take the first gap to the right after a long line of beach huts made from old railway carriages (just after number 28) and turn inland through the dunes. Bear right by the National Trust omega sign and return to the car park by steps.
This is a great walk for all the family as there are not only lots of things to see and space for the kids to run around, but the beach offers safe bathing and is popular with families.]]>

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