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Natural Farming on the Isle of Wight for all to enjoy.

There is plenty of deer to see within the 334-acre farm, already home to 145 Red Deer and 61 Fallow Deer – a number which is continually growing as the calving period is in full swing.

Juan’s family has been running a profitable agricultural and farming business since the 1960s in Spain, and the knowledge they have accumulated in Spain they would like to put to good use in the UK with the help of one of the biggest deer farming experts in the world.

Juan took over the farm business in 1998 -when his late uncle retired- and as a part-time job then, as he was working as an engineer at the time after recently returning to Spain from the U.S. where he obtained his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY, USA) and his M.S. in Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA, USA).

Driven-Guided Visits

Please call to arrange a driven guided visit to have an easy-going experience around the farm in an exclusive tour with the farm manager who has extensive knowledge on the farm.

(1hr tour guide) Maximum of 5 people per group.

Walking-Guided Visits

Walking through a planned route with the Farm Director is the best way to learn extensively about deer without losing any detail while being able to ask all the questions you like – and experience close-ups to the animals. You won’t be able to feed them, but you will see them up-close when they are being fed.

(90min tour guide)

*The amenities below are subject to availability and are sometimes tailored for large group bookings or events. Wheelchair access only in the yard area.


Contact info

Whitcombe Rd, Newport PO30 1YS, UK

01983 638680

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