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Apr 13 2018


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

UNCLE RUST performs!

Uncle Rust, a hard rock London based band, consists of 3 members.

Frontman and guitarist Justin McConville writes his own songs and has recorded and produced the latest offering by Uncle Rust following the acclaim of the debut album “Six Years In The Desert” and the 2nd album “Anti-Collision” and now the 3rd album “Fractured Lens” is available. Justin also plays in The Heavy Metal Kids, a 70’s cult rock band formerly fronted by rock n roll wild man, the late Gary Holton and also plays with Mark Shaw’s Then Jerico. Justin has prolifically written music over the last 3 decades has performed across the UK and Europe in varying bands.

On drums, Justin’s brother Chris, a member of the UK Indy band The Bishops who released three albums, an EP and a dozen singles, notably there first album recorded by Liam Watson producer of amongst others the White Stripes took them across Europe, the UK and as far east as Japan. Chris has been a member of Uncle Rust since the project began.

On Bass PJ Phillips. PJ has played with some of the biggest names in rock history including Rod Stewart, Mark Shaw and Curtis Steiger, a small glimpse at the calibre of the artists PJ has played with and likewise his own calibre is indeed that of a seasoned pro musician.

The new album is a melodic guitar-based rock double album inclusive of 23 original tracks. Justin states “The 23 tracks were demoed during 2017. I had a total of about 40 tracks. I worked on the demo’s and they took a shape of their own.” The album was recorded between Survival rehearsal studios in North Acton in London and Justin’s studio flat in East London.

Looking forward to this performance finally on the Isle of Wight!