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The Isle of Wight is an amazing place. It goes far beyond being just a place to visit for its beaches, though that is fair enough. There is a lot of history, mystery and things to explore and do. Here are 16 fantastic Isle of Wight facts. We are sure we have a few here even the regular visitors to the island might not know! Fun Facts in no Particular Order 1. The most haunted island on earth! If you love ghost stories and investigating haunted places this is definitely the island to come to visit! Despite its small size the Isle of Wight has had more sightings and hauntings than anywhere else on the planet! From all walks of history too, Roman soldiers marching, monks and grey ladies just to name a few. 2. It has the oldest pier in the UK. Ryde pier was made during Victorian times and is the oldest pier still in use in the UK. Great place to walk along. 3. Known once as Vectis. During the times long ago when the Romans came and occupied parts of Britain the island was called Vectis. You can actually find this name still in use in some places, despite the

As with many places all around the world, COVID 19 is having an impact on where we can travel, and the businesses we can support. The Isle of Wight is one such place. With restrictions on businesses opening, public gatherings, and the huge importance of social distancing this is understandable. But it does have an impact on businesses that rely on tourism to stay open, and on the animals in places like the Isle of Wight Zoo. Here is a look at what we can do to help out, and what we can check out on the Isle of Wight webcams. Isle of Wight Zoo Webcam The zoo is closed and has no idea when it can open again. But those animals still need caring for. Dedicated staff are making sure every animal at the zoo is still properly look after, but with no money coming in from your visits, funding is a problem, and without us, the animals could suffer. As a result the zoo has set up a 24 hour a day webcam for gorgeous and stunning Kumba and Vigo. Enjoy seeing them soaking up the sun or cuddled together inside with both inside and outside Isle of Wight webcams.

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